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Psalm 119:114

Posted on October 26, 2016 at 10:43 AM Comments comments (57)
   Psalm 119:114 (msg)
    You're my place of quiet  retreat;  I wait for your Word to renew me.

     In times  where we seem to find unrest and challenging situations whether in our homes or at the workplace  we know God's promises  to never leave us.  In the daily  struggles of life and the joys of His blessings God never looses touch with us or holds back
 His power for His Word comes to us through  the Righteous  man who is Christ that wants us to know right living  in Him that we find trust, peace and His power to change the situation  and even bring us through that we will grow in Christ. 
       We can find that peace in noise,  the busiest and darkest places for The Lord is our peace. He has given His peace if we allow Him into our lives and accept  Him for who He is then we shall see the power of the Spirit  to keep us in the harmony with God and through God.  When we come to Christ in with all our cares and worries in prayer  or just a silent word from within know God is there also, with arms of protection,unity and love this will increase us and bring healing where we are in the stresses of life. 
      What a joy to know  He has provided  access as simple  as opening  my heart, my mouth,  mind in the depths of my spirit for He lives there just for me, to give me all I need for He has equipped  me for this journey.