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Love Is Your Garment

Posted on November 11, 2016 at 7:28 AM Comments comments (470)

   November 11, 2016

      Love Is Your Garment 

       Colossians 3:14

                 And the most important piece of clothing you  must wear  is love.  Love is what binds us all together  in perfect harmony. 

       In the vastness of  all God's creations He has given us such a special place and fashioned us in His image and placing His glory within us through the Holy Spirit  that we are seen as His own special treasure.  In His divine plan how much He loved us so that we should live in perfect harmony with Him for we are a reflection of Himself that He made us in many colors, shapes and sizes. 
        Each of us has a divine assignment that God's purpose  be revealed to all the world for His heart was open that He should give that we may live with Him for all eternity and this marvelous gift is through  His Son Jesus Christ, that He came to redeem and give us eternal life again by dying on a cross. He was the Promise that shed His blood, giving us eternal life, this is love in action. 
         If we are too fulfill and be surely children of the Most High, let us then put on the garment of love that the world can see the light that we should reflect the Father. Walking in the spirit of love should humanity be cruel and humane to each other but only should our light find none a stranger for Christ who loved us all taught about loving your neighbor as yourself. Love is the most important garment that tenderhearted, mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience be wrapped up into all that God is.